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Some of our Wetland Delineation Projects.

    Wetland delineation has been a major focus of Schmid & Company professionals for more than 35 years. Our projects include both inland and tidal wetlands, with particular emphasis on Mid Atlantic environments. We have experienced the coming and going of the various delineation manuals, and we keep up with the ever-changing methodology for establishing Federal and State jurisdictional boundaries of wetlands subject to regulation.

    We often comment on proposed changes in rules and technical guidance. We know where to find published information relevant to wetland identification when asked for advice concerning sites new to us, and we know how to generate detailed onsite information to correct the errors often found on generalized regional maps when applied to specific blocks and lots.

  • On a 150-acre site near the Delaware River we redelineated a wetland boundary that had just been formally confirmed by the state on the basis of information submitted by others in 1997. The new Letter of Interpretation we obtained in 1999 transferred 25 acres (light blue) from wetlands to uplands, greatly aiding plant expansion. In addition, wetlands previously classified as "exceptional resource value" were reclassified as either "intermediate" or "ordinary" value, reducing the regulated buffer from 150 feet to 50 feet or eliminating it entirely. The redelineation hinged on careful fieldwork, an appreciation of hydrologic changes at the site, and a thorough understanding of state value classification related to the transition areas.

  • On a 29-acre site in suburban Philadelphia, two other consultants had identified 2.5 and 3.8 acres of wetlands, respectively (light blue). We redelineated the site and secured Corps of Engineers jurisdictional confirmation of just 0.24 acre of wetlands (dark blue). We subsequently prepared permit applications to fill the wetlands and enclose 1,600 linear feet of headwater streams to allow retail development in accordance with local zoning.

  • On a 63-acre site in Princeton, New Jersey, a consultant had previously delineated 43 acres of wetlands and waters (69% of the site). We secured formal confirmation of a wetland boundary that encompasses 28 acres of wetlands and waters (45% of the site, dark blue). Careful documentation of changes in site hydrology were critical to our successful defense of the less encompassing boundary, which allows for redevelopment of valuable frontage along US Route 1 as well as other parts of the property.

  • On a 20-acre site at an interchange of I-195 in central New Jersey, a state-confirmed wetland boundary enclosed 5 acres within a farm field (light blue). We documented the absence of wetland hydrology from the cornfield, redelineated 0.8 acre of ditches on the property (dark blue), and secured general permits allowing commercial development of the entire tract.

  • On lots totaling 70 acres at an interchange of I-195, the state's published mapping suggested 43 acres of wetlands (61% of the land). We delineated and secured formal confirmation for wetland boundaries encompassing 8.9 acres (13%) of these properties, clearing the way for site development.

  • In a suburban Philadelphia industrial park, we examined a 4-acre wetland site where a previous consultant had identified more than 2 acres of wetlands. We documented the absence of wetland conditions, enabling the appraised value of the commercially-zoned site to rise from $40,000 to $320,000.

  • On a 0.27-acre property near Raritan Bay in Staten Island, New York, we secured Corps confirmation of the absence of wetlands, allowing the development of two dwellings. The site exhibited marginal conditions, and opposition to construction here would have been overwhelming if it had been regulated as a wetland. The site looked like this:

  • On a 9-acre property near the Philadelphia International Airport, we secured Corps confirmation of 1.7 acres of wetlands. Another consultant had previously identified about 4 acres of wetlands on the site.

  • In central New Jersey, we assisted the Izaak Walton League and Trust for Public Lands in identifying the approximate extent of wetlands on several private properties being sought for public preservation. Our findings were used by the buyers and sellers to reach agreement on land values without formal regulatory confirmation.

  • At a suburban Philadelphia airport we secured Corps confirmation of the 5.3 acres of wetlands that represented 2.4% of the 219-acre site. Formal confirmation was required as part of the environmental review of Federal airport expansion.

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