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Grey Towers site (U.S. Forest Service), Milford Township, Pike County

We identified wetlands and secured formal jurisdictional determination for proposed improvements to visitor center access at the Grey Towers National Historic landmark. Grey Towers was the summer home of PA Governor Gifford Pinchot, who organized the U.S. Forest Service. No wetlands or other waters of the United States are within areas proposed for disturbance.

Delineated wetlands (cross-hatched) in the vicinity of proposed improvements to facilitate access to the visitor center at the Grey Towers National Historic Landmark.

View north across skunk cabbage wetland on Grey Towers property toward Old Owego Pike road cut. Skunk cabbage leaves are not predominant in early spring. Upland separates wetland depression from the roadway at this location.

View southeast along Old Owego Pike. Roadside ditch shows dry-weather flow for extended periods during early spring. At culvert in middle distance the flow is conveyed beneath the roadway to Van Tine Brook at left. Grey Towers is the property to the right.

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