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Scientific expertise with wetlands and environmental impacts in the context of
today's agency regulation.

                 Our clients include:
  • Real Estate Developers

  • Industrial Organizations

  • Conservation Groups

  • Regulatory Agencies.

We gather current and historic factual information about tracts of land, to interpret them in light of current environmental regulations. Environmental impacts can generally be forecast and minimized most effectively during the initial consideration of possible site development. We can best achieve this by uniting technical expertise in interpreting ground conditions with our long experience in achieving compliance with environmental rules at the Local, State, and National level.

We aim to advance all our clients' interests by helping them consider alternatives that comply with current environmental laws, while implenting proper stewardship of the natural resources that sustain human life.


Schmid & Company offers unsurpassed experience in wetland delineation, assessment, permitting, mitigation design, implementation, and monitoring for large and small projects. Our projects range across the full spectrum of commercial, industrial, and residential enterprises, including preparing or rebutting permits for projects involving wetlands and other environmental issues.

We excel in preparing Environmental Inventories and Environmental Impact Statements. We craft regulatory assessments on behalf of agencies designing programs and on behalf of regulated organizations seeking to understand and comply with proposed changes. We are known for the excellence of our written, graphic, and oral presentations to agencies, at hearings, and in court.

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