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Rapid Onsite Wetland Assessment

Sometimes a client needs to know - very quickly - whether a site contains regulated wetlands, and if so, approximately how extensive they are. There may not be time to do a field delineation, documentation, and survey. It may not be necessary to get formal Corps of Engineers review and approval. Time is of the essence and the presence or absence of wetlands is a critical factor for client decisionmaking.

Schmid & Company offers a fixed-price Rapid Onsite Wetland Assessment product for sites in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Here is how it works:

The fixed-price cost is based on two factors: size of property and distance from our Media PA office.

Size of Property Distance from Media, PA Fixed-Price Cost *
up to 25 acresup to 50 mi$500
up to 25 acres50 - 100 mi$650
25 - 50 acresup to 50 mi$700
25 - 50 acres50 - 100 mi$800
50 - 100 acresup to 50 mi$900
50 - 100 acres50 - 100 mi$1000
up to 50 acres100 - 150 mi$1,200

* The cost for other combinations of size/distance can be negotiated.

What you need to provide us:

  • Property Address (or tax parcel ID)
  • General Location Map (outline on road map or USGS)
  • Property Limits (tax map or survey)
  • Fixed-Price Payment

Product/Features in Summary:

  • Low, Fixed-Price Cost (payable upfront)

  • Gain from the experience of certified wetland professionals

  • Find out if wetlands exist onsite and their approximate extent

  • Learn if you will need agency involvement

  • Available for most Mid-Atlantic sites of 100 acres or less