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Reviews of Dr. Schmid's Urban Vegetation:

  • Bioscience (A.W. Kuechler):
    "A rich treasure. Schmid succeeds in giving the reader something new---his systematic and comprehensive treatment of the subject. Schmid has pointed the way, and anyone inhterested in studying the vegetation of a large or small city will find this book a sure guide. This is a very valuable addition to our knowledge of "cultural" vegetation, with a broad appeal to biologists, ecologists, landscape architects, planners, and even historians."

  • Journal of Forestry (F.J. Deneke):
    "Schmid's observations are intriguing and should be read by all who are concerned with management of urban vegetation. The best presentation I have read regarding socioeconomic factors and species placement and diversity. As a whole the book is excellent and unique. Studies of this nature, though sorely needed, are very rare. I recommend it for all urban foresters."

  • Ecology (J.B. Levenson):
    "In total, Schmid's Urban Vegetation makes a significant contribution to urban ecology. The monograph will give the urban ecologist, landscape architect, and urban planner many useful insights."

  • Annals, Assoc. of American Geographers (P.L. Wagner):
    "The author's considerable imagination and ingenuity are constantly apparent. The conception and successful execution of this study should count as an important early step toward understanding cultural influences on vegetation."

  • Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen (P. Gutte):
    "The book is of the first rank for recommendation to urban planners and landscape architects. It will also be of interest to geographers who are concerned with urbanization."

  • Annales de Geographie (Paris):
    "This book is perceptive and original. Inspired by an excellent methodology, it is at once geographic and ecologic. In short, a book that we recommend to all inquisitive intellects."
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